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MoviePlex is a premium movie channel found on various cable/satellite systems (akin to STARZ, which shares the same parent company). RetroPlex and IndiePlex are considered the spin-off channels of MoviePlex and are also found on various cable/satellite systems.


1st (known) Logo

Nickname: "Flipping Tiles in Orange"

Logo: On a black background, we have a quick zoom shot of a wall of individual squares floating about, all following some sort of rainbow color scheme. At the same time, there is a stream of smaller colored squares weaving some sort of trail. This trail of tiles whips around to make the MoviePlex logo appear with FEATURE PRESENTATION underneath it. Behind the logo and "Feature Presentation" text are a set of tile trails swirling about at alternate times with the occasional appearance of the first three or four letters of "Feature".

This immediately shifts to the "Rating Information" split screen where one side has the bouncing trail of spinning tiles in the background and the other has the tiles scrolled horizontally from left to right (and both are separated by some shiny silver line down the middle of the screen). Afterwards, the screen fades out to black and the production logo of whatever film is airing fades into the screen.

FX: Fast zooming and spinning of tiles.

Music: A fast-paced techno beat with some angelic harp chords thrown into the mix.

Cheesy Factor: The visuals are amazing, but the music is what a happy hardcore DJ would use to spice up a track (behind some massive bass track, of course).

Availability: Seen on most movies on the channel of the same name.

Scare Factor: Low-none: The titles in orange may scare some, but, this is not a cheese fest.


1st (known) Logo

Nickname: "Flipping Tiles in Blue"

Logo: On a black background, we see a couple of blue titles spinning in loops and eventually time-traverse as the FEATURE PRESENTATION bar from Encore appears. The tiles are now rainbow, and forms into the Retroplex logo with the blue titles and a blue "arc".

FX: The titles spinning, the "arc" on the Retroplex logo.

Music: Same as above.

Cheesy Factor
: Same as above.

: Common on most movies on the channel of the same name.

Scare Factor: None.


1st (known) Logo

: "Flipping Tiles in Green"

Logo: Same as the above RetroPlex logo, except that the tiles are in green.

: Same as the RetroPlex logo.

: Same as above, except that the music sounds like something from a SA2B stage.

Cheesy Factor
: Same as above.

: Common on most movies on the channel of the same name.

Scare Factor
: Low-none: The titles in green may scare some, but this is NOT a cheesefest.

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