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Background: Madman is the Australian company which specializes in distributing films (primarily anime, manga and Australian productions) as well as distributing Cartoon Network material around Australia and New Zealand. It's one of the biggest distribution companies in the region.

(2006?- )

Madman Entertainment (2009)Madman Entertainment (2008)

Logo: The hand smashes the pie plate into the wall, the face is formed. The picture is covered by red fabric, which is then quickly revealed and the profile burns out into a madman figure. The hand appears and clicks its fingers. The mad figure turns white on a round red shield, with MADMAN written below in a jagged arial font. The logo zooms out, then disappears in a cloud of purple smoke.

FX/SFX: Various effects combined with the parts of live animation.

Music/Sounds: People laughing, then the burning sound, and we hear scared screams. Finally the fingers click and the applause follows.

  • The logo can be still on some trailers, with the name written to the right.
  • The short version has the logo formed and the last seconds playing.
Availability: Almost no chance outside the corresponding market, but can be available on some prints. The still version is used on Australian trailers. A notable release to have this logo is Animal Kingdom.

Scare Factor: Low to medium; it's just a funny logo.

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