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Logo descriptions and captures by Logoboy95, CNViewer2006, and videomaster13
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Background: Lyrick Studios (formerly known as "The Lyons Group", although they still used this name for some IPs they co-published with HiT Entertainment until they went defunct) was founded in 1991 and was a video production and distributing company, best known for their production and distribution of Barney and Friends and Wishbone. The company did not use a logo until 1997. The company was later bought out and rendered defunct by HiT Entertainment.

1st Logo
Lyrick Studios (1991-1998)Lyrick Studios - CLG Wiki

Nickname: "The Barney/VeggieTales Logo"

Logo: On a white background, six letters zoom out from the screen in each other, in 30 degrees. The letters than separate themselves, revealing the words "Lyrick" in a crazy font with colors (green, yellow, purple, blue, orange, and finally, red). After they have zoomed out in place, a blue dot flies out and dots the "I" ala the Jim Henson Productions logo, and the word "STUDIOS" fades in on the bottom-right of "Lyrick", with a line above "STUDIOS".

Variants: On some tapes from the company, "Distributed by" wipes in above the logo as the letters zoom out. There's also still version of this logo.

FX/SFX: The zoom-out of the six letters and the "dot-the-I" sequence to form the company's name.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic piano synth tune plays throughout the logo, with three low pitched synth violin notes as the "dot-the-I" sequence plays ; followed by a toy xylophone and a synth violin stinger. The "Distributed By" variant features only two low pitched notes for the "dot-the-I" sequence. Ringing bells can be heard when the "Distributed By" and "STUDIOS" text appears and during the "dot-the-I" sequence, and finally the tune ends differently on a synth piano and a synth violin stinger. The still version is silent.

Availability: Rare. This logo included and were limited to tapes of Barney and Friends, VeggieTales, Wishbone, Kids for Character and Francesco's Friendly World. Most of these videos from this time period are long out of print and are hard to find; and the latter two properties are quite obscure, for all of their VHS releases by Lyrick Studios were released throughout 1997. However, tapes of Barney and Friends are the least scarce of the the bunch, so those tapes are your best bet to find this logo. For example, it appears on It's Time for Counting!.

Scare Factor: None whatsoever.

2nd Logo
Lyrick Studios (1998)Lyrick Studios - CLG Wiki

Nicknames: "The Ugly Duckling", "The Hand Poking Out of the Water", "Lyrick Studios 1998", "The Collision of Lyrick Studios and Imagine Entertainment"

Logo: In a lake surrounded by a forest at twilight, we see an ugly duckling swimming from right to left at the bottom of the screen. The camera then pans up to the sky, and a child's hand (with the index finger extended) touches the sky, causing ripples (a la the Imagine Entertainment logo). As the ripples fade away, the word "Lyrick" (in the same font as before) slowly zooms in and stops in the middle of the screen. The logo shines as the word "STUDIOS" written with a line above it fades in along with a "TM" symbol. The words, "Distributed by" appear above in italics.

  • Some VeggieTales tapes have the text "Distributed by" in white bold font on a black background before the Lyrick Studios logo. This is regularly seen at the beginning and end of the tapes.
  • There's a rare, early variation with no stars in the night sky, a redder sunset, a different forest design, and the logo is off-center.
  • There is a still version of this logo.
  • Another variation has the logo with the "Distributed by" byline in white above it after it is formed.
FX/SFX: The ugly duckling scene and the hand poking the water. Obviously, a mix of live-action and computer animation, which is done quite beautifully.

Music/Sounds: A beautiful dramatic fanfare accompanied by a dog barking and birds tweeting.

Availability: Preserved on most VeggieTales tapes from the period distributed by the company. Also seen on some Barney tapes and all Wishbone tapes made after 1997, when Lyrick Studios began distributing the videos, taking over from PolyGram Video. Can also be seen on most The Wiggles tapes from the period. The early variant exclusively appears on the 1998 PolyGram film Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie. The last tape to use this logo is the 2001 VHS print of VeggieTales: Lyle the Kindly Viking.

Scare Factor: None to low. The dramatic fanfare would cause some scares from first-time viewers, but it's otherwise harmless and a very well-liked logo.

Final Note: In 2001, HiT Entertainment bought Lyrick Studios for Barney, so that Barney is distributed by HiT Entertainment. In 2003, they became defunct, and their properties now belong to HiT Entertainment except for VeggieTales, which is currently distributed by Classic Media (now DreamWorks Classics). They had to close their office in Texas due to disagreements from PolyGram Video over Barney's Great Adventure, which was originally intended as a straight-to-video release (and thus not part of PolyGram's picture deal).

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