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(March 1999-)

Nickname: "Little Airplane!"

Logo: On a black background, we see the text ''Little Airplane Productions'' and below, in a square we see a bridge with a 5-year-old girl going in circles with her arms out and she says "Little Airplane!" A small butterfly flies throughout the square.

Variant: Sometimes, the website URL appears under the logo. Also, on Go, Baby!, the Granada ident appears below. That also appeared one on airing of a Wonder Pets episode.

FX/SFX: The little girl running in circles with her arms out.

Music/Sounds: Only a girl saying "Little Airplane!". In Oobi, she said "This has been a Little Airplane Production". On the company's official website, she says "Welcome to Little Airplane Productions".

Availability: Seen on The Wonder Pets! on Nickelodeon and Noggin, Oobi on Noggin (now Nick Jr. since 2009), and was seen on Go, Baby! and 3rd & Bird on Disney Junior.

Scare Factor: None. The logo looks cute overall.

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