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Background: Infogrames was a large French gaming company, famous for many titles, including Alone In The Dark, Shadow of the Comet, and Hogs Of War. The company began in 1983. They made several major acquisitions in late 90's, which included Ocean Software, Philips Media, Gremlin Interactive, Accolade, Beam Software, GT Interactive, Shiny, Eden Games and Hasbro Interactive (with Microprose and Atari brand). The brand name of Atari, taken from Hasbro, was relaunched in October 2001 and replaced Infogrames' name in all games since 2003. In October 2008 the company fully assimilated the Atari name and eventually became the new Atari, Inc. in said year, after many financial struggles.

1st Logo

Nickname: "The Armadillo", "The Rainbow Armadillo", "Infogrames Armadillo"

Logo: Against a white background, we see a black armadillo with rainbow stripes. Below it is the wor
d "INFOGRAMES". The logo usually fades in, stays a 80's Infogrames Logowhile, and fades out.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the game.

Availability: Rare, but can still be found on copies of old games from the 80s.

Scare Factor: Depending on variant:
  • None for silent variant.
  • Minimal to medium for the other variant depending on the music.
However, it's nothing compared to the next logo you see below...

2nd Logo
Infogrames (1992)

Nicknames: "Armadillo In The Dark", "The Rotating Armadillo (Of Doom)", "CGI Armadillo", "InfogrAAAAARGH!", "Infogrames Armadillo II", "Rainbow Armadillo II", "CGI Infogrames Armadillo"

Logo: We fade in to see a primitive version of the 90's gray Infogrames logo on a black background. After a brief flash of lightning and sudden clap of thunder, the armadillo and words become very early
CGI renditions of themselves, and the armadillo rotates in the same manner as an object from the game Alone In The Dark. The logo fades out after it makes one rotation.

FX/SFX: The thunder, the lightning flash, the armadillo and text turning into
CGI, the armadillo rotating, the fade in, the fade out, produced by Olive Jar Animation.

Cheesy Factor: That early
CGI is exceptionallyAWFUL - look at all those polygons (much like N64 graphics). And the armadillo doesn't even have eyes!

Music/Sounds: Just the thunder.

Availability: Extremely rare. This logo is only found on the game Alone In The Dark. This logo is not a variant of the third logo; it is a direct precursor to the third logo, and was therefore only used once.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, depending on how much thunder and early
CGI scares you.

3rd Logo
Infogrames (1990s)Kemco/Infogrames (1994)

Nicknames: "The Grey Armadillo", "Rainbow Armadillo III", "Infogrames Armadillo III"

Logo: Same as the last logo,
but the colored stripes aren't as bright as the first logo.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the game.

Availability: Rare, found only on games of that period

Scare Factor: Depending on variant:
  • None for the silent version
  • Minimal to medium for the other version depending on the music.

4th Logo
Infogrames (1998)Infogrames (1996)Infogrames (1999) [Flat Version] (PC)Infogrames (1999) (Slave Zero Variant)Infogrames/Team 17 (2000)Infogrames/Nintendo (1999)Infogrames (1999)Infogrames (1998)

: "Spiral Armadillo", "Fancy Rainbow Armadillo", "Infogrames Armadillo IV"

Logo: On a white background, a more stylized version of the armadillo draws itself starting from the tail, then the text
"INFOGRAMES" fades in below.

  • Sometimes only the fade-in was used, and the background can be black. This can be seen on Starshot: Space Circus Fever (with the Nintendo logo) and V-Rally Edition '99, both for Nintendo 64, and the PlayStation version of Mission: Impossible.
  • For pre-2000 Game Boy Color games and on such DOS versions of The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun, Tintin in Tibet, The Smurfs, Asterix and Obelix and Spirou, the logo is still.
  • On Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, the logo is flat and not animated. Then it cuts to the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment logo.
  • On Slave Zero, the words "PRESS START BUTTON" are seen under the logo. Plus, the logo isn't animated.

FX/SFX: The drawing.

Music/Sounds: None for the still version. The animated version has a 6-note fanfare.

Availability: Uncommon to scarce. It was only used for seven years before the fifth logo began to show up. The last game to use this logo was the PlayStation version of Nicktoons Racing (although the Hasbro Interactive logo can still be seen on the cover art). The still version can be found on Time Busters and Test Drive Off-Road 3.

Scare Factor: Depending on variant:
  • None for the silent variant
  • Minimal for the animated version.

5th Logo
InfogramesInfogrames Inc. (2000)Infogrames (2002)

Nicknames: "Seizure Armadillo", "Crazy Armadillo", "Springy Spiral Armadillo", "Infogrames Armadillo V"

Logo: We cut from black to see a shiny black 3D line de-thickening itself on a flashing rainbow background. The line starts to wiggle and stretch (like a radio-vave), and then snap-compresses itself together like a spring. The line loosens itself to reveal a heavily spiral-stylized armadillo. The armadillo then becomes a 3D flat drawing, and the word "
INFOGRAMES", in a black rectangle-like shape, fades in and zooms out in front of the logo. It lands on the logo as the background turns white. A shadow fades in below the logo, and then the entire thing cuts to black.

  • In Hogs of War, we see the Armadillo logo being lowered by what appears to be some ropes. Someone screams, "Cut this!" in an army commander style voice, then a pig squeals as the Infogrames logo drops into place.
  • A still version exists. The latter appeared on Duck Dodgers. Sometimes, the logo is in the print style seen on game cases by this company, though this variant on some GBA games like Backyard Baseball 2003 could have this variant's colors inverted, with a copyright notice below.
  • Another variant has the armadillo standing on the left side of the name banner. The background can be black or white. The version with white background appeared on Nicktoons Racing for GBA.
  • On Stuntman, only the banner appeared on the blue background. Then the Atari logo follows.
  • On Roller Coaster Tycoon for Xbox, The logo is inverted, still and pans from Bottom to Top, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 has the logo on a white square over a Black BG, and pans from Top to Bottom.

FX/SFX: The zooming, the flashing colors, the springy line, the 3D effects, the fading.

Cheesy Factor: The flashing lights in the first variant could cause seizures, but otherwise nothing's wrong with it. The second variant is cheesy, but in a way that's intended to be funny. The abrupt cut to black feels off. Also, the logo lacks the armadillo's feet, even though the feet were visible in the previous logos.

Music/Sounds: The spring noise and some weird whooshing sounds, along with a heavy synth chord reminiscent of the one from the first Cyan, Inc. logo.

Availability: Common. One of the only games not to use this was the PlayStation 2 version of Wacky Races.

Scare Factor: Minimal to medium. The flashing colors and the synth at the end may get to some people.

6th Logo
Infogrames Armadillo In The Dark II

Nicknames: "Armadillo In The Dark II", "Infogrames Armadillo VI"

Logo: We fade in to see a primitive version of the 2000s Infogrames logo, colored in white. The armadillo and words are lit up by a flashlight, and then the logo fades out.

FX/SFX: The flashlight, the fade in, the fade out.

Music/Sounds: Just the wind blowing.

Availability: Extremely rare. It's only seen on Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare.

Scare Factor: Medium to high.

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