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Logo descriptions by logoboy95 and Michael Bass
Logo captures by Eric S.

Background: Hanley Productions is an independent production company formed by Michael J. Weithorn.

1st Logo
(1990-1992, 1995-1997)
Hanley Productions (1990-92, 1995-97)
: "Mr. Hanley and His Dog", "G'night Whoa!, G'night!", "Mr. Hanley"

Logo: On a grayscale background, we see a man who looks somewhat like Howard Stern walk onto the screen. He says "Good night", as the text "HANLEY
PRODUCTIONS" zooms toward him and almost hits him. We then see the man's dog run onto the screen, and "In Association With" appears below. The man says "Good night" once again.

FX/SFX: Hand-drawn animation.

Music/Sounds: The aforementioned voice clips, along with sound effects.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Ned & Stacey. Was first seen on the 1990-1992 sitcom True Colors.

Scare Factor: Low. The fast action might not sit well with some.

2nd Logo

Nicknames: "Good Night!", "Mr. Hanley II"

Logo: Over a white background, we see a cartoon of Mr. Hanley waving his hands. He says "Good night!", then the HUGE metal shiny word "HANLEY" zooms up and overtakes the screen, knocking the man into the screen. He then slides out of view. The word "PRODUCTIONS" was seen below "HANLEY" and the logo "shines" though.

FX/SFX: Great animation!

Music/Sounds: The phrase "Good night!" over the outro theme was only used for season 1. However, we may hear the outro of The King of Queens theme song differently as well.

Availability: Seen on The King of Queens.

Scare Factor: Low. Mr. Hanley being knocked into the screen may catch a viewer off-guard. Otherwise, this is a funny logo.

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