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Logo descriptions by James Fabiano
Logo captures by Eric S.
Video captures courtesy of Eric S., EnormousRat, and mcydodge919

1st Logo
Hallmark Entertainment - CLG Wiki

Nickname: "Zooming (Gold) Crown", "Door to Crown", "Morphing Shop", "Hallmark Crown"

Logo: On a black background, we see a gold line in extreme close-up. It them slowly zooms away to reveal Hallmark's familiar crown logo. Later on, "Hallmark" and "Hall of Fame" zoom out along with it in the familiar cursive font.

  • Sometimes, the logo is abridged.
  • Zoobilee Zoo used a variant for its funding credits on PBS. We first see a shop with black doors and black and tannish-red walls. Above it is a beige wall with a gold Hallmark logo. The camera zooms back and the shop morphs into the Hallmark crown. We end up with another gold Hallmark logo against a marble blue background, sometimes with "Hall of Fame" below.
  • Another ZZ variant shows several people walking in and out of a Hallmark shop (preferably in a mall), which the camera zooms back from. It then fades to a gold Hallmark logo, possibly the same as the regular variant. It shines all the way through once revealed.

: The zooming. For the funding variant, the shop morphing.

Music/Sounds: The regular variant is silent or uses the end theme of the show, but the ZZ variant has an announcer who says, "Zoobilee Zoo is underwritten by Hallmark. Hallmark is pleased to bring you the very best in children's entertainment.".

Availability: Seen at the end of Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and Zoobilee Zoo reruns.

Scare Factor: None for the standard variant and low for the funding variant.

2nd Logo
Hallmark Entertainment

: "The Stamp", "The Plate", "Hallmark Plate"

Logo: A gold plate with letters to "HALLMARK" backwards fills the screen, then as the camera backs away it's revealed to be a stamp that, well, stamps a silver rectangle as the image turns around. The rectangle continues to turn around until it stops in the center, revealing that it reads:


all against a stylized brown or plain black BG. There are lines above and below the name.

FX/SFX: The "stamp".

Music/Sounds: Computerized music plays as an announcer says, "And now, our feature presentation.". Sometimes, it is silent.

Availability: Seen at the end of Hallmark-owned shows whenever they are reran.

Scare Factor: Low.

3rd Logo
Hallmark Entertainment PresentsHallmark Entertainment (2001)Hallmark Entertainment (1998)Hallmark Entertainment Distribution

: "The H Ribbon", "Hallmark Ribbon"

Logo: On a black background, we see a stylized H made of ribbons, which is surrounded by a box zooming up on us, while "HALLMARK ENTERTAINMENT" in a Times New Roman font moves up the place itself under the box. When it's completed, the logo zooms back from us a bit. Sometimes, "Distributed by" would be seen on top.

Variant: There alsoexistsa longer version.

FX/SFX: The zooming.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show, silence, or a rarely heard 5-note fanfare

Availability: Rare. It's seen on Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack and it's retained on DVD releases. It was also seen on TV movies made by Hallmark Entertainment of the era. Can be seen on the TV movie Sabrina, the Teenage Witch followed by the first NBCUniversal logo. On recent prints of Alice in Wonderland (1999), the Sonar Entertainment logo plasters this one.

Scare Factor: None.

Final Note: In 2006, Hallmark Entertainment was reverted back to the name "RHI Entertainment".

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