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1st Logo

GoldcrestGoldcrest FilmsGoldcrest Films (1991)

Nickname: "The Goldcrest Bird", "Redcrest"

Logo: We see a red bird zooming out with a sliding effect, then the word "GOLDCREST" appears underneath in the same manner. Some simple shining effects streak over the name and a star flashes on the "G". On Scorchers, the logo was given an enhanced look.

Variant: On some movies released in 1984, the entire logo is red, likely due to film deterioration.

FX/SFX: The shining streak.

Music/Sounds: A "mysterious" tune, but sometimes it will be silent.

Availability: Rare, as it was only seen on a couple of movies; most films released during this era, such as Gandhi, Hope and Glory, and All Dogs Go to Heaven do not have this logo. Can be found on The Ploughman's Lunch, Winter Flight, and The Mission. It can also be found on the 1984 TV miniseries The Far Pavilions, as well as the Trinity Home Entertainment DVD of Scorchers.

Scare Factor: Low; the ominous music can spook someone.

2nd Logo

Goldcrest (1990)

Nickname: "The Goldcrest Bird II"

Logo: The familiar bird appears slowly from the darkness. Afterwards, the word "GOLDCREST" appears in the same manner, starting from central letters, as the background turns murky green.

Variant: On some prints of Rock-a-Doodle, the film is in a dark tint, therefore the green background is very hard to see (as in the video above).

FX/SFX: Only the fading in and out.

Music/Sounds: Silent.

Availability: Rare. Can be found at the end of Rock-a-Doodle as well as the beginning of the Cineplex Odeon/MCA VHS (and maybe the Media/Fox VHS as well) of Scorchers. After this, the company was discontinued and resurrected later as a post-production and artworks studio.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

3rd Logo
Goldcrest Films (2009)
Nickname: "The Goldcrest Bird III"

Logo: The sun plays on the golden feathers of the bird, and we zoom out of the goldcrest, similar to the previous one, flying in mid-air. Then it lands on the screen near the black words "GOLDCREST FILMS", all lit up by a golden sun. Then the bird transforms into a 2D picture and all of the logo becomes gold-colored.

FX/SFX: Animation made by Capricorn Digital using Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects.

Music/Sounds: Unknown.

Availability: Very rare. Can be found across some box covers, actual on-screen appearance was spotted on the trailer for Restrepo viewed through Goldcrest's website. It's not clear if this animation was used on any movie.

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo
Goldcrest (2009)

Nickname: "The Goldcrest Bird IV"

Logo: Same as the Goldcrest Independent logo, but of course, without the word "INDEPENDENT".

FX/SFX: Same as the Goldcrest Independent logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Goldcrest Independent logo.

Availability: Seen on The Iron Lady. It's strange why they evaded from this logo for so long.

Scare Factor: None.

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