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: Gaumont Columbia RCA Video was a French-American joint venture between Gaumont and RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video. It ended in 1992.


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Logo: On a space background, we see lots of dots fly toward the center of the screen. The Gaumont logo rotates onto the screen, and the words "Columbia films" with the '80s print logo, in blue, appears. RCA (in red, and in its corporate font) twirls in, VIDEO (outlined in red) fades in, and a white bordered box surrounds them all. Finally, every star inside the rectangles disappear.

Early Variant: The space background is instead a black background, the Gaumont and Columbia logos twirl in, "Columbia films" is replaced by "Columbia Pictures", and the RCA Video logo just zooms out.

FX/SFX: The animations of the letters.

Cheesy Factor: The earlier variant looks like work of an Apple II.

: A fanfare that sounds identical to the 20th Century Fox fanfare and the Superman theme, but not as good.

: On French releases of Gaumont and Columbia Pictures (and TriStar Pictures) movies from the time. It's unsure but doubtful if it appears on Canadian French releases distributed by ISV, like Alone in the Dark (to name one).

Scare Factor
: Low.

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