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FX ProductionsLogo: A big white banner rises from below, emitting light and slowly panning left. It has two X-shaped cuts on the top and reads "FX PRODUCTIONS". There is a small copyright line below, reading "(c) Year FX Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved".

Cheesy Factor
: The panning is choppy. Since 2013, when FX had changed their main domestic logo in order to match the international version (which has the top stem of the F and the top-left part of the X connected), the FX in this logo is left unchanged and does not match with the international one perfectly.

FX/SFX: The logo emitting light and panning.

: Two echoed whooshes and clangs.

: Common. Appears on original shows Damages, Sons of Anarchy, Archer and others on FX & FXX.

Scare Factor
: Low.

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