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1st Logo
(October 1, 1992-June 2, 1996)

Nicknames: "The Checkerboard", "The CN Checkerboard"

Cartoon Network Studios (1992)Logo: Over a white background, we see the Cartoon Network logo of the era (which has the words, "CARTOON NETWORK" inside the black and white checkered rectangle shape) without "STUDIOS" below. Occasionally there is a byline underneath stating "A Division of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc., A Turner Company".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Can be seen on older non-original Cartoon Network shows, like Tin Tin and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo
(April 28, 1996-November 28, 1997)
Cartoon Network Studios (1992-1996)Cartoon Network Studios - CLG WikiCartoon Network Studios (1997,Yellow Variant)Cartoon Network Studios (1997, Red Version)Cartoon Network Studios (1997, Blue Version)

Nicknames: "The Checkerboard II", "The CN Checkerboard II"

: We see the Cartoon Network logo of the era on a white screen, with an extra checkered row reading "STUDIOS". Copyright info is below. A few seconds later, Dexter bursts out of the logo in his robot, looking back and forth afterward.

  • A longer version, seen only on the season one finale of Dexter's Laboratory, has Dee Dee dancing by and touching the O's before Dexter appears, causing them to flip around briefly.
  • Another variation has just the still logo without Dexter or any animation and a small bold text reading "S T U D I O S" in small spaced-out letters.This version has a byline reading "a division of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc." underneath, and under that is a Turner byline.
  • Some episodes of What-a-Cartoon! have a blue, red, or yellow background instead.

FX/SFX: None for the original version, but Dexter bursting out in the "Dexter" variant.

Music/Sounds: None for the original version, but sound effects that correspond with the logo in the "Dexter" variant.

Music/Sounds Variant:
  • On later 1996-1997 episodes of What-a-Cartoon!, the still logo variant (with the "STUDIOS" text) is seen with the audio from the 1994-1999 H-B All-Stars "Comedy" logo.
  • On the episode "Tales of Worm Paranoia," the logo has the audio from the 1997-2002 H-B logo (which ironically was first heard on another episode called "Zoonatiks") playing instead.
  • On the still version, It is silent.

Availability: The still version can be seen on reruns of The Cartoon Cartoon Show (formerly The What-a-Cartoon! Show) and earlier season 1 episodes of Dexter's Laboratory (with the Dial M for Monkey segment). The "Dexter" variant appears on later season 1 episodes of Dexter's Laboratory (with The Justice Friends segment).

Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:
  • None for the original variant.
  • Low to medium for the "Dexter" variant. You may be caught off-guard by Dexter's sudden appearance.

Final Note: In 1997, this unit merged with Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. and used the Hanna-Barbera brand name for their shows, renaming back to its original name in 2001 when Hanna-Barbera's animation department was folded into Warner Bros. Animation even though the original name came back in 2000 with the original Evil Con Carne pilot.

3rd Logo
(2000-2001, June 3, 2006)
Cartoon Network Studios (2001)Cartoon Network Studios (2006)

: "The CN Factory Building", "The CN Checkerboard III"

: On a red background, we see the original Cartoon Network Studios factory building. Under it is
the 1992 Cartoon Network logo with "STUDIOS" inside of the black rectangular shape. An AOL Time Warner byline appears below.

Variant: There is another variant where "
CARTOON NETWORK STUDIOS" is written in a white impact font. There is no byline below.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None. In other cases, a sound byte from a pilot is heard.

Availability: The first variant was seen on pilots for
My Freaky Family, IMP Inc., Evil Con Carne and possibly, Codename: Kids Next Door. The second variant appeared on the failed Korgoth of Barbaria pilot on Adult Swim.

Scare Factor: Low. The factory logo can get to some.

4th Logo
(June 8, 2001-March 31, 2012)
Cartoon Network Studios (2001)Cartoon Network Studios (2006)Cartoon Network Studios - Samurai JackCartoon Network Studios (2001- "Dexter's Laboratory" 2001-2003 episodes)Cartoon Network Studios (2001, with AOL Time Warner byline)Cartoon Network StudiosCartoon Network Studios - The Powerpuff GirlsCartoon Network Studios - The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Cartoon Network StudiosCartoon Network Studios - CLG WikiCartoon Network Studios (Time Squad Season 2 Variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2003, with TimeWarner byline, white variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2003 variant)
Cartoon Network Studios Evil Con Carne Logo (2004)Cartoon Network Studios - Megas XLRCartoon Network StudiosCartoon Network Studios - Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsCartoon Network Studios (2005 variant)Cartoon Network Studios - Camp Lazlo!
Cartoon Network Studios - My Gym Partner's a MonkeyCartoon Network Studios - Ben 10Cartoon Network Studios-Squirrel BoyCartoon Network Studios - Class of 3000Cartoon Network Studios (2001-, "Chowder")
Cartoon Network Studios (2007, Out of Jimmy's Head variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2001) (Ben 10 Alien Force/Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2001- , "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack"Cartoon Network Studios (2001) (Underfist Variant)Cartoon Network Studios - Adventure TimeCartoon Network Studios

Nicknames: "The CN Checkerboard IV", "The Grungy Checkerboard"

: There are two variations for this logo:

Standard Variation: Over a white background, a green laser goes to the right, revealing a blinking, grungy 1992 Cartoon Network logo via a wipe effect, causing it to stop blinking. The laser then goes to the left, and reveals the text "STUDIOS" in the same grunge style. Then the laser disappears.

Alternate Version: We see the same logo from the standard variant already formed, in the center of the screen. Then the logo splits in two, with walls on each side of it. Then, one of the custom animations animates (See below), and the logo then closes itself.

  • 2001-2003: The custom logos for the shows during the early years featured the byline "An AOL Time Warner Company".
  • 2003-2005: The Powerpuff Girls and Star Wars: The Clone Wars variants feature the byline "A TimeWarner Company".

  • Sometimes it's just a still logo.
  • Sometimes the word "STUDIOS" is in a different grunge styled font.
  • On Underfist: Halloween Bash, it shows a still picture of Hoss Delgado with his Banana nunchuks and Billy saying "All that work and nothin' to show for it!"
Custom Animations for Alternate Variation: All animations in the alternate variation have a "sketched" look and varies by show. The following include these:
  • Grim and Evil/The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Grim, with a smirk on his face, stands next to Billy and Mandy. He attempts to chop their heads off with his scythe, but fails because they hid in their shirts. The logo is usually against a black background, although one variant of this used the standard white background with the AOL Time Warner byline.
  • Evil Con Carne (Season 2): Skarr is on his jetpack, likely scaring Dr. Ghastly.
  • Generator Rex (Season 1): Rex turns his back into a jet engine, blasting off in the process while smiling.
  • Adventure Time (Season 1): Finn pokes Jake, as he becomes larger and larger, roaring and squeezing aside him.
  • Camp Lazlo: Lazlo blows a trumpet. Scoutmaster Lumpus walks up with a large cork and places it in the trumpet. Lazlo continues to blow on it.
  • My Gym Partner's A Monkey: Jake and Adam swing on a vine (Adam, visibly uncomfortable, is being held by Jake). Jake swings off the screen, however Adam hits the edge of the logo.
  • Samurai Jack: Jack slices the edges of the logo, causing it to close. There are two variations of the logo; One variant has a red-orange center with the STUDIOS part of the logo shaking up & down. Another variant had a red center, this time with STUDIOS not shaking, with a different sword slicing sound effect. This version has an AOL Time Warner byline.
  • Time Squad: Beauregard "Buck" Tuddrussel warns Lawrence "Larry" 3000 not to touch a button. Then, while Otto Osworth is watching, Lawrence "Larry" 3000 touches the button, causing a shock. A red variant with an AOL Time Warner byline after the logo animation ends was used in Season 2.
  • Dexter's Laboratory (Seasons 3-4): Dexter stands next to Dee Dee, who presses a button, causing Dexter to explode. After a flash of light, Dexter appears, scorched and visibly annoyed. Like the Billy and Mandy variation, the background is usually black, although white would also be used for the same reason stated above.
  • Ben 10 (Seasons 3-4): Ben turns on the Omnitrix, chooses an alien and pushes the button, triggering a flash of green light.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien: We see a close-up of a grown-up Ben's eyes. We then zoom out on him, as he does in the Ben 10 original variant. On Ultimate Alien, the logo is slowed down and it doesn't close after the flash of green light.
  • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Mac is tackled by Bloo. They both smile at each other.
  • Class of 3000: A piano plays and Sunny Bridges appear at the first of the line, smiling and taking his hat off leading the other main characters of the show on the ride through the piano. Eventually, the last one falls on to the piano.
  • Out of Jimmy's Head: Two of Jimmy's cartoon friends, Pickles and Prickles, hit each other with hammers. The logo also shakes when this happens even when the box is closed
  • Powerpuff Girls (Movie/Seasons 4-6): The girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup each zoom in and beat up Mojo Jojo. This variant first appeared on The Powerpuff Girls Movie.
  • Chowder: Chowder walks by with a bag of food. He eats the "O" in "NETWORK". An apple falls out of the bag and replaces the "O".
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (Seasons 2-3): Monsters lift the Cartoon Network part of the logo to escape, but Juniper jumps on top and squashes the monsters and then finally jumps away from the screen.
  • Megas XLR: A robot from the show shoots a few laser blasts at the screen, then stops with a confused look getting itself.
  • Squirrel Boy: Rodney accidentally fires a rocket, as it catches Bob Johnson by his shoe, causing a nervous laugh by Rodney at Andy.
  • Johnny Bravo (Season 4): Johnny shows off his poses, then kisses the screen. His lips get stuck in the logo.
  • Underfist: Halloween Bash: The original 2001 logo is shown, but with a still picture of Hoss Delgado with his Banana nunchuks and Billy saying "All that work and nothin' to show for it!"
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: Flapjack is seen with Captain K'nuckles. Flapjack is giggling in a really annoying way. K'nuckles gets annoyed and closes the logo out of annoyance.

FX/SFX: Whatever the animation in the variation is.

The sound effects in the variation. In the standard one, It's either a laser sound or the outro of the end theme (as on Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones?!).

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • The first 2001 episode of Dexter's Laboratory (when former show writer Chris Savino took over production) had the custom Dexter logo, but with the audio from the 1997 Hanna-Barbera logo playing over it (with the weird laugh at the end). This was most likely due to an editing error (but it's not too bad).
  • Seasons 1-2 episodes of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and season 1 episodes of Evil Con Carne plays a one-liner from the episode, à la King of the Hill with the Deedle-Dee Productions/Judgemental Films/3 Arts Entertainment company card.
  • On the Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries, a Hanna-Barbera sound effect is heard.
  • On The Flintstones: On the Rocks, the logo is silent.

Availability: Common. The standard version was first seen on the premiere of Time Squad and appears on Transformers Animated (Hub Network airings cut this out, though), Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?, and early episodes of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee,
Ben 10, Evil Con Carne, and A Johnny Bravo Christmas.
However, the standard version also appeared on the first airing of Firebreather (the future airings of said movie have the next logo below). Some of the variations during the Cartoon Cartoons-mid 2000's era are rare and hard to find, because the shows that they were on are hardly reran nowadays. However, variants from The Powerpuff Girls, Season 4 of Johnny Bravo, seasons 3-4 of Dexter's Laboratory, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Camp Lazlo, Samurai Jack, and Ben 10 are seen on Boomerang when they are reran. The still version appears on The Flintstones: On the Rocks, episodes 5-9 of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and Star Wars: Clone Wars. However it only remained on Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, while other shows like Adventure Time and Generator Rex started using the next logo starting in their 2nd seasons.

Scare Factor: None to medium, depending on the version shown. The grunginess of the logo does not help either.

5th Logo
(September 6, 2010-May 19, 2015)
Cartoon Network Studios (2010)Cartoon Network Studios (Widescreen variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2010)Cartoon Network Studios (2010, Regular Show variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2010, Sym-Bionic Titan)Cartoon Network Studios (2010, Adventure TIme variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2010, Generator Rex)Cartoon Network Studios (2011, The Problem Solverz)Cartoon Network Studios (2011, Secret Mountain Ft. Awesome)

: "The Three Squares", "The 3-Squared Diagonal Line", "The CN Diagonal Squared Line"

: Against a black background with the spotlight of dark plus signs, we see three squares drop down forming a diagonal line. (The blue square dropping to the bottom, turning white and bounces once. The pink square sliding in from the left and turning white. And the yellow-orange square zooming in and turning white.) Then a fourth square opens showing a different clip of the show's characters (depending on each show). Under the logo as the stars disappear, the words "CARTOON NETWORK" wipes in and "STUDIOS" slides in from the right and pushes the text causing it to shake briefly forming the words, "CARTOON NETWORK STUDIOS". Then the clip in the fourth square turns white. Sometimes, the clip in the fourth square doesn't turn white.

Trivia: This logo was made to fit with the 2010 re-brand.

Variants: Inside the fourth square, there is a different clip depending on each episode of said show or each TV movie:
  • Regular Show (Seasons 1-4): A clip from the episode, "Prank Callers" where Mordecai and Rigby are laughing when they're looking up prank calls on the computer. The sound clip of them laughing is from the episode, "Death Punchies". There is the early version where it uses a clip from another episode, "Free Cake" where Mordecai and Rigby are saying "Free Cake!" twice. So far, the "Free Cake" version was only used on the first episode, "The Power" while the "Prank Callers" version was used in every episode from "Just Set Up the Chairs" to "Laundry Woes" (except original airing) and "Terror Tales of the Park III". The "Free Cake" version is not intact on the first two seasons DVD release.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan: The Titan robot is seen while panning up to its head, with Lance saying "Form Titan!".
  • Adventure Time (Seasons 2-5): A clip from the episode "The Enchiridion!", with Finn saying "This party is so crazy!"
  • Tower Prep and Level Up: Only the first three squares appear. The fourth square doesn't appear at all
  • Generator Rex (Seasons 2-3): A clip from the first episode "The Day That Everything Changed", with Rex transforming.
  • Firebreather: A clip of Duncan performing his fire-breathing move.
  • Secret Mountain Fort Awesome: A clip from the episode "Funstro", with The Fart saying "All right, who used the last of the purple stuff?"
  • The Problem Solverz: A clip of Alfe wearing the virtual reality goggles and gloves walking and moving his arms on the red yellow diagonal striped background.
  • On Level Up (excluding the pilot TV movie) and Incredible Crew, the logo (with the three squares) is superimposed over the ending of the episode on the bottom-left after the credits. Same goes for the 2013 short, Tome of the Unknown.
  • On Seasons 1-4 of Ben 10: Omniverse, there is surprisingly no animation whatsoever in the fourth square, as it stays white. This was also seen on the 2014 Powerpuff Girls special "Dance Pantsed."
  • On Regular Show, there is a small in-credit version of the logo that appears at the end of the credits. It appeared in every episode from "The Christmas Special" to "Portable Toilet".

FX/SFX: The squares forming a diagonal line, the animation of the show's clip in the fourth square.

Music/Sounds: A four note guitar theme based on the jingle used at the end of current CN bumpers since May 29, 2010.

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • On Sym-Bionic Titan, there is a techno robotic version of the four note theme.
  • On Tower Prep, the TV pilot movie of Level Up, and Ben 10: Omniverse, the four note theme is in a different style.
  • On The Problem Solverz, it's the short version of the show's ending theme.
  • On Level Up and Incredible Crew, it's the finishing theme of the episode.

Availability: Common. It debuted on Regular Show and was used during it's first four seasons and the S5 episodes, "Laundry Woes" and "Terror Tales of the Park III". It was also used on seasons 2-5 of Adventure Time, seasons 2-3 of Generator Rex, and the shows, The Problem Solverz, Sym-Bionic Titan, Tower Prep, and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. This is plastered over with the Cartoon Network Productions ripple on some episodes of Regular Show and Sym-Bionic Titan on iTunes and CN Video. It also appeared on the TV movie, Firebreather (except for the first airing which has the standard version of the previous logo). However, it might be intact on the Blu-ray and DVD release of said movie. DVD releases of Adventure Time and Regular Show also have the logo intact. It also makes a surprise appearance on The Powerpuff Girls special "Dance Pantsed." Its last appearance was on the Over the Garden Wall pilot "Tome of the Unknown."

Scare Factor: None to low, due to the dark background.

6th Logo
(August 30, 2013-)
Cartoon Network Studios (2013)Cartoon Network Studios (Uncle Grandpa variant, 2013)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, with copyright)Cartoon Network Studios (2013, Regular Show)Cartoon Network Studios (2013, Adventure Time variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2013, Steven Universe variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Mixels variant)
Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Ben 10 Omniverse variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Clarence variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Clarence Variant 2)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, AJ's Infinite Summer)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Long Live the Royals)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Black Dynamite variant)Cartoon Network Studios (Over the Garden Wall variant, 2014)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Pillywag's Mansion variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2014, Back to Backspace variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2015, Ridin' With Burgess variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2013, Jammers variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2015, Twelve Forever variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2015, Uncle Grandpa variant 2)Cartoon Network Studios (2015, We Bare Bears variant)Cartoon Network Studios (2015, Paranormal Roommates variant)
Cartoon Network Studios (2015, My Science Fiction Project variant)Cartoon Network Studios (We Bare Bears pilot variant, 2014)Cartoon Network Studios (2015 variant/2009, Meddlen Meddows)Cartoon Network Studios (2015/2009 variant, Spleenstab)
Cartoon Network Studios (2015/2009 variant, YES)Cartoon Network Studios (2015/2009 variant, Danger Planet)

: "The CN Checkerboard V", "The Grungy Checkerboard II", "The New Grungy Checkerboard"

Logo: On a white background, we see a slightly reworked version of the 2001 Cartoon Network Studios logo, only with the 2010 logo (which is the current version of the 1992 logo with the words in it's current logo font). Also, the word, "STUDIOS" is smaller and is spaced-out.

Trivia: This logo was made to fit with the Black and White rebrand.

Variants: Like in the 4th logo, the logo opens up which this time shows a different clip from the show depending on each variant and is not in a sketch look and closes after the clip finishes:
  • Uncle Grandpa: A clip from the episode, "Funny Face" with Beary Nice sitting on a blue bench saying to the Ice Cream "That was quite delicious." Another variant appears with the main three characters in claymation cheering (which only appears on the episode, "Guest Directed Shorts").
  • Regular Show (Season 5 and onward): Same clip as the previous logo with the same laughing sound clip. It also appears at the end of Regular Show: The Movie.
  • Adventure Time (latter half of Season 5 and onward): Same clip as the previous logo.
  • Steven Universe: Steven is thrown by Amethyst and to Garnet, who then throws Steven to a slightly startled Pearl, who throws Steven in the air with a visible smile. Everything is in a sketch look, like in 2001-2012 logo.
  • Mixels: A DJ Mixel screams "Remix!" and scratches on his turntable. On another variant, the logo doesn't open up. Unlike the other variants, this one has a copyright stamp below.
  • Ben 10: Omniverse: 11 year old Ben hits his Omnitrix, but it doesn't work for him, showing frustration.
  • Clarence "Pilot": While Clarence holds a chicken, the chicken claws at his face.
  • Clarence: A painted cardboard Clarence is seen flopping around whistling.
  • AJ's Infinite Summer: AJ says "Noice!" in an almost Michael Rosen-esque fashion.
  • Long Live the Royals: Katherine punches Alex, as Alex starts to punch her, then Rosalind punches Alex.
  • Over the Garden Wall: An eerie animation of Wilt and Greg's shadows is displayed.
  • Black Dynamite (Season 2): Three scenes of Black Dynamite beating up the bad guys.
  • Pillywag's Mansion: Pillywag is seen stuttering.
  • Back to Backspace: Mustacki spins around in a colorful vortex.
  • Ridin' With Burgess: Burgess says "Fool, this ain't no high school football game!" rapidly.
  • Jammers: Carol's face "explodes" when a pimple forms on her face.
  • Twelve Forever: One of Reggie's imaginary creatures speaks in a alien language while holding flowers.
  • We Bare Bears: A sketch animation of the three main characters, with Grizzly typing on a laptop. He then says "Done!", followed by Panda and Ice Bear also saying "Done!".
  • Paranormal Roommates: Bigfoot is puffing while giving a greatly livid expression.
  • My Science Fiction Project: A scene in the short with Chancellor Maniac saying "Oh hello, are you a potato?" to Nutmeg, Manler Wagner, and Woolworth, respectively.
  • We Bare Bears (Pilot): A scene where a scared Panda says "We should probably leave before someone calls the popo".
  • YES: The merman happily exclaims "Yes!"
  • Spleenstab: A scene where Twinkle says "Maybe take it down a notch".
  • Danger Planet: A scene where Danger Planet screams "I'm alive!".
  • Meddlen Meddows: Bacculas is frantically crazy.
  • On Regular Show, it also appears as a in-credit logo at the end of the end credits. It's currently seen in almost every episode since season 5 starting with "The Postcard".

: Same as the 4th logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo, which is only heard on Uncle Grandpa and Adventure Time. All other shows have the tail end of the closing theme at the beginning. On 2014 episodes of Ben 10: Omniverse, there are different sounds that are heard whenever Ben hits the Omnitrix.On Regular Show: The Movie, the logo does not have the tail end of the closing theme in the logo.

: It was first seen on the sneak peak of Uncle Grandpa. It also appears on Regular Show (along with it's in-credit variant starting with "The Postcard") and Adventure Time since season 5 (the former starting with "Silver Dude" and the latter starting with "Love Games"), Steven Universe, Mixels (everywhere except the U.S.), Ben 10: Omniverse (starting with "Something Zombozo This Way Comes"), Clarence, Black Dynamite (Season 2), Over the Garden Wall, We Bare Bears, and might be seen on other Cartoon Network Studios made shows in the future. Also appeared at the end of Regular Show: The Movie.

Scare Factor: None.

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