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ABC Pictures Corporation (or ABC Pictures International for international distribution) was the short-lived motion picture division of the ABC Television Network, later relaunched as "ABC Motion Pictures" from May 1979 until October 29, 1985. During that time, ABC Motion Pictures reached a domestic theatrical distribution deal with 20th Century Fox. Currently, most of the ABC theatrical library is held by The Walt Disney Company with MGM holding distribution rights, except for Here Come the Littles, which is with DiC Entertainment (now "DHX Media").

ABC Pictures Corporation

ABC Pictures Corporation (1968)ABC Pictures (1971)ABC Pictures Corporation (1972)
ABC Pictures International (1968, A)ABC Pictures International (1968, B)ABC Pictures International

Nicknames: "Globes in Space", "ABC Globe", "Scanimate/3D globe (international variant)"

  • ABC Pictures Corporation: We see a picture of a rotating globe on a blue (or pale blue-gray on some movies) BG. The letter "b" sketches in the center of the globe and the letters "a" and "c" uncover from the left and right of the "b" to form "abc". The globe turns black over the transparent "abc" letters, the words "PICTURES CORP." fade in below the "abc" as the logo moves to the left and a filmstrip with another rotating globe grows out from the right of the logo. The byline "A Subsidiary of the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc." fades in below, and the word "PRESENTS" fades in below the filmstrip.
  • ABC Pictures International: Same as before, except it's a rotating Earth globe on a zooming space BG. The letter "b" sketches in the center of the globe and the letters "a" and "c" uncover from the left and right of the "b" to form "abc". The globe turns black over the white "abc" letters, the words "PICTURES INTERNATIONAL" fade in below the "abc" as the logo moves to the left and a filmstrip with another rotating globe grows out from the right of the logo. The same ABC byline fades in below, and the word "PRESENTS" fades in below the filmstrip.

FX/SFX: The rotating globe, the "abc" sketching, the globe turning black, the filmstrip growing out. The zooming space for the international variant.

Cheesy Factor: The logo was intended to resemble a film canister, but is ultimately dogged by the perspective limitations of the 2-D "abc" logo.

  • ABC Pictures Corporation: The opening theme of the movie, or none.
  • ABC Pictures International: A very dramatic orchestral fanfare, being remixed/abridged on later releases. In some cases, none.

Availability: Extremely r
are. Most current prints of their output through MGM DVDs wear ether the MGM lion or have it blanked out with the opening theme, while some such as Straw Dogs on the Criterion DVDs (except the MGM & Anchor Bay DVD for obvious reasons) contain the Cinerama Releasing logo. The "Corporation" variant appears on the Magnetic Video VHS of Kotch, along with the Anchor Bay DVD and a TCM airing of Too Late The Hero (don't expect it on the MGM DVD release, as it is blanked out). The "International" variant appears on the Anchor Bay DVD of They Shoot Horses Don't They?, and the Magnetic Video VHS's of Straw Dogs, Take the Money and Run, Notorious, and The Night Stalker.

Scare Factor:

ABC Motion Pictures

ABC Motion Pictures - Widescreen

Nicknames: "The Crystals", "ABC: The Crystal Shards"

Logo: On a black background, we see some moving shots of sparkling transparent crystals. Then a crystal "T" slowly zooms backwards, and more letters are revealed. Finally, when the words...


all appear
in sparkling crystal, the logo stops in the middle of the screen.

Trivia: The logo was designed by Universal Hartland Visual Effects in North Hollywood, which also created special effects work for the original Battlestar Galactica series. According to studio employee Kenneth A. Larson: "The letters were made from highly polished faceted jewel like glass crystal. They were glued to a plate of glass. No one know how to attach them without bubbles showing. [A fellow employee] came up with a solution and this logo was shot on a Hartland stage."

FX/SFX: The sparkling crystals, company name zooming backward.

Cheesy Factor: The crystals look like a model, and the zooming words are simple animation. Rather high-tech for its time, though.

Music/Sounds: A lush synthesized orchestral fanfare with twinkles. Sometimes it is silent.

Music/Sounds Variant: On some co-produced movies, a generic theme was used.

Availability: Rare. Was seen on movies produced by the company, such as
SpaceCamp, Prizzi's Honor, Here Come The Littles, Young Doctors in Love, and The Day After (including the 1995 Image Entertainment Laserdisc release and foreign prints). Most releases of their films put out by Embassy Home Entertainment, Vestron Video, and Anchor Bay keep this logo intact, but DVD releases from MGM Home Entertainment have it removed and/or plastered with the MGM logo. Also seen on International prints of the TV movie Who Will Love My Children?

Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant.
  • Minimal. The cheesy music is actually quite soothing.
  • None for the silent variant.

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ABC shut down its movie operation by 1972 because of financial losses.
TCM's prints of "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" and "Junior Bonner" retain this logo (though Encore Westerns' print of the latter omits it).
ABC re-entered the movie production line in 1982..."Silkwood" and "National Lampoon's Class Reunion" still retain the "Crystals" on TV airings.
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What movie had the ABC Pictures logo with maroon colors and gray background?
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How come this logo isn't intact on DVD releases of these movies?
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