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Background: 3-G Home Video was a distributor of old public domain cartoons and movies on VHS.

1st Logo

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Nicknames: "Nightmare is Not in the Public Domain", "3-G Triangle from Hell", "3-G Segment in a Triangle", "Worldvision's Dark Side", "3 G's of Hell"

Logo: In a dark background a triangular shape flashes down from blue from the upper right portion of the screen to the center of the screen where the blue fades away leaving the logo, bearing the words "3-G" on top in a typeface similar to the Cinar logo font (but skinnier), and the words "HOME VIDEO" in a standard font on the bottom within the triangle, both the triangle and words are in blue. This is then followed by a screen with a blue "PRESENTS".

  • On a repackaged VHS of Popeye from 1992, the logo is on a blue background.
FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The logo is rather dated, as it was when it was still in use. It is something you'd expect from the 1970s or even 1980s.

Music/Sounds: A loud whoosh.

Availability: Extremely rare. This logo only appeared on videos distributed by the company, many of which are out-of-print and hard to find, even on auction sites such as Amazon and ebay. Appeared on VHS tapes of Popeye, Porky Pig, Tweety, Woody Woodpecker, and possibly Gulliver's Travels.

Scare Factor: Nightmare. This logo will without a doubt scare children, who were ironically their target audience, because the whoosh sound comes suddenly after the warning to adjust tracking control and is so loud that it can kill your TVs speakers, not to mention your ears, and the font used for the "3-G" portion of the logo dosen't look too friendly either.

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